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Listening Room.

"I love the range of this record:

Of the material, from raw, young and vulnerable, to seasoned, mischievous, at times even hopeful, albeit with a hint of melancholy; Of the lead vocals, from earnest, quavering and intense, to been-there scalawag; Of the lyrics, from tantalizing auto-bio bits, to spare, loaded elegies; Of arrangements and rhythms, from echoes of Tim Hardin, to Neil Young, to J.J. Cale, to ones all Stanton’s own, with ear-worm vocal harmonies.


All in all, the songs of Almost Never There come from a heartfelt place, like decades of keeping a journal, spanning so much of a man’s life, with integrity. Stanton is determined to put it all out there despite needing to overcome a natural reserve—that tension is where the power lies."


Bill Storandt is a Juilliard-trained studio musician, music educator, novelist, memoirist, and Yale writing instructor living in Branford CT.

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